30 September 2007

a curious little eggplant

I was going to name this post something along the lines of "farmers' market is a chore" because it really felt like one this morning. I didn't wake up early enough to beat the crowds so by the time I got there it was hot and crowded. I just wanted flowers and tamales. In and out, quick quick. The line at the tamale stand was too long so I went to the flower guy first. I picked up some beautiful marigolds. Then the line at the tamale stand was three times as long! So I threw my hands up and begrudgingly settled for some vegetables that I wouldn't have to stand in line for. I know the older me will thank the younger me 30 years from now for choosing vegetables over tamales. But the current me really, really wants to drown in hot cheese.

I don't want this to be a hippie-dippy post about lovingly and carefully selecting my organic vegetables, taking in the smells and scents of fresh herbs and all that crap. This was veggie purchasing in the trenches. A little old man and I were elbowing each other over finding the best red peppers. I was frowning at all the tomatoes. Lots of stuff seemed slightly passed its prime. Someone started to hold up the line discussing the freshness of the eggs. This just wasn't a relaxing activity.

On an impulse, just before I handed over my red peppers for weighing, I grabbed a curious little eggplant. I think it's a kind of Indian eggplant, based on this information from Evergreen Seeds. I don't know what to do with it, but I'm enjoying thinking about it and looking at it. I can't find much information online about how to cook it. Should I stuff it? Slice it up into curry?

No Weekend Herb Blogging for me this week. My activities in the kitchen have been nothing to write home about. But check out Kuchenlatein tomorrow for the weekly summary. Maybe my entry next week will be whatever I end up doing with my little eggplant.

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