15 October 2009

olympic marathoner with celiac disease

Women's Running has an article that opens with the story of an Olympic marathon runner who has celiac disease, Eat Like a Pro.
Amy Yoder-Begley won her first state track title in the 3200 meters as a sophomore at East Noble High School in Kendallville, Ind., in 1994. Two years later, she could barely run at all...

“I had no energy,” recalls the now- 30-year-old who represented the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathon. “I had stomach aches, anemia, hypothyroidism, severe GI problems and dehydration during running and osteopenia.”

She was shuttled back and forth to doctors for months before she received a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease, an intestinal autoimmune disorder that is triggered by gluten, a protein in cereal grains. Gluten-containing foods were removed from Yoder-Begley’s diet, and “within three weeks all of my symptoms went away,” she says.
Well there's my inspiration for the day. I certainly don't aspire to be in the Olympics any time soon, but I have no excuses for not getting up and racking up a few miles several times a week.

This morning my run was sluggish. I'm trying to eat a little before I go out, but I wake up so early my stomach's not awake yet. I wasn't as hungry as I usually am throughout the day on a running day, either. I just feel off. But, I guess even Olympians can feel that way sometimes.

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Iron Celiac said...

Amy ran the 10,000 meters for the United States. I watched the race several times and she did a great job.



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