19 April 2011

contes frozen cheese ravioli

When I was home in the United States last summer I was thrilled to find Conte's frozen cheese ravioli at a health food store near our house. After two years in Africa and being between seven and nine months pregnant at the time, I was craving something new.

These cooked up easily and one package made two meals for my giant, pregnant self. I found the flavor to be somewhat lacking so a spicy tomato sauce or extra basil-ly pesto was definitely needed to perk up the flavor. The texture of the cheese and the chewiness of the pasta was perfect. You'd hardly guess they were made from gluten-free dough. With a flavorful sauce, some fresh tomato slices and basil leaves, and freshly grated parmesian cheese, I had a wonderful feast to welcome me back to American convenience foods.

They were a little expensive, but I was pregnant and only in the United States for a few months so I allowed myself to splurge. The fact that I could easily get two meals out of them helped justify the cost as well.

Conte's frozen foods can be found in health food stores and can be shipped to certain areas from sites such as Gluten-Free Mall.

Image from Gluten Free Mall. I was not compensated in any way for this post. Items were purchased by me for personal consumption.

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