21 January 2009

kind fruit + nut bars

I discovered these bars over a year ago, at a Whole Foods just before we left California, and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned them before now. Maybe because back then I was just buying one or two bars at a time as special treats, but I just recently bought several cases of them to drag up Kilimanjaro with me.

Kind Fruit + Nut bars are totally yummy. They are mostly whole nuts with some dried fruit and a sprinkling of glucose, honey, and puffed rice to help keep everything together. They are a heartier energy bar than anything I’ve tried in a while. (As much as I love Lara bars for the taste, the Kind bars are more filling.)

I’ve been eating mostly the almond and apricot and macadamia and apricot varieties, but to mix things up a little I ordered some different flavors. Today I had my first sesame peanut with chocolate bar. The chocolate was surprisingly chocolate-tasting. However, I’ve noticed that the bars that are mostly nuts without fruit are hard to bite into. They’re tasty once you do bit though. I liked the peanut sesame bar, and all that biting and chewing will give me something to do while I’m plodding up the mountain.

Kind bars are made in Australia. They are gluten-free and some are dairy-free (some have yogurt or chocolate). They can be purchases individually at Whole Foods and other health food stores. You can buy them by the box at Amazon.com.

I have to say that they are a tad expensive, although buying them in enough quantity on Amazon to get the free shipping helps. If I weren’t living in a place with limited snack food plus planning a major trek, I would still be on my one or two per shopping trip buying schedule.

(Image from healthyreader.com)

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Sea-Air-UH said...

ooo i looove Kind Fruit + Nut bars! They have them in my campus convenient store, i got them one morning as a quick breakfast because they were out of Odwalla bars, and I'm glad that i did! They are soo Freaking amazing!!!! my fave is Almond and Apricot. :)



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